Saturday, May 1, 2010

A few things I have accomplished so far

While my hubby was bathing the kids today, I quickly took photos of a few projects I have done this year. If I could, I would have taken more time to adjust the lighting, focus, etc. But I have been postponing a lot of creative endeavors and this blog for years, I thought I ought to get this ball rolling.

So here I am.

At the beginning of the year I bought a small journal.
Perfect for quick and easy mixed media journaling pages.
That was a silly assumption.
Some pages have taken me days to finish.

Stamps + Cricut letters + pretty paper
This is what I'm trying to telling myself over and over: be courageous.
Because in addition to feeling that I never have time,
I'm always nervous that I will do something wrong.

Pastels + Acrylics + Stamps + Jelly Pen

Watercolor + Stamps + Pretty Paper

Pretty Paper + Stickers + Lace

One thing I must admit is that I start a lot of projects at the same time and so I have tons of half finished bits and pieces all over my house.  Here are a few, which hopefully find themselves in a finished product soon.

Flowers + Eyelets
I made one flower.
My kids peeked over the table, asked what I was doing and thought it was the prettiest project ever.
They put together the rest of the flowers.
What am I going to do with these?
I'm not sure yet.

Photos, Photos, Photos
One night I reminisced over some photos which have not seen the day of light.
99.99% of my personal photos live on my external drive.
It is sad, given I have so many photographs I love.
So I printed a few out.
I was going to combine them with the flowers above and make a wall hanging.
But now I might make a few mini books.
I don't know.
Decisions. Decisions.

A wall of photos
I have a lot of empty walls.
My excuse was that I wanted to paint the walls before hanging anything.
We've been living here for 3 years and not painted yet.
I have excuses for that, too.
None of which anyone has to read about :)
I have decided that I will just start hanging.
Here is my "travel" wall.
You can see photos of Yosemite,
a temple in Bromo, Indonesia,
a scenery in Rt 1, CA,
Mt Semeru, Indonesia,
and Borobudur, Indonesia.
There is also a frame of one of my favorite pretty papers.
This wall is missing one frame.
It contains a saying by Buddha.
I thought I finished it, but I'm having second thoughts.

Canvas + Acrylics
I actually started painting this 5 years ago.
It was all blue.
Last month I added some highlights.
Actually I know exactly what I want to do with this.
I'm afraid I'll screw it up.

Fabric + Embroidery
This is going to be a pillow for my living room.
I embroidered 3 birds and 3 flowers on the white circles.
I'm afraid to finish up this project, too.
My sewing is not particularly neat.

Note to myself: Be courageous. Just do it. Fulfill a dream :)

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