Sunday, May 16, 2010

Inspired by catalogs

I get a ton of junk mail, including piles of catalogs.
Most days I browse through them, then throw them into the recycling bag. I feel guilty doing it. So a few months ago I started giving the pretty ones to my daughter.

You see, she loves to cut. She cuts out all the pretty clothes and sticks them on pages and pages of paper to make her own catalog.  Go figure. I'm probably contributing to the garbage problem, but it does keep her entertained for  h o u r s! So I'm happy!

The other day, while I was cleaning before we had company, I found the Kids Boden and Tea catalogs in my kids' play house. Both were beautiful for different reasons. Boden's photography of kids running on the beach was simple and modern. It made me happy.  Tea's photography of kids playing had a quiet and contemplative feeling. It made me peaceful.

The next day my kids and I took those magazines, scissors and glue and I tried to teach them a bit of art journaling.  We had the greatest time.

My page:

My 5 year old's pages:
Jasmines first art journal page.
I taught her to how to draw a dog's face the other day,
and she has been drawing it every day.

{A girl + Snow White going for a walk.}
I love this.

{I am 6.}

{Her name is Cinderella.
I love Cinderella.}

This one is my favorite so far.

My 3 year old's pages:

Alex likes to practice writing his name these days.

I can't wait for more catalogs to come =)

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