Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Barbie and Friends

Ah, here they are: some doll clothes I made.

Now I must admit that I'm a "sew as you go" person. I don't use patterns and I don't plan or design much of what I make up front. I start with a piece of fabric (new or upcycled from our closet), decide roughly what I want to make (long dress? short dress? blanket?), cut a rough shape (I always cut big, because I prefer not to bother with zippers or buttons), then start sewing.

Sometimes I have been inspired by a blog and use whatever technique I have read about, like shirring or ruffling. So I do what I have to do ... shir or sew ends together. If I don't shir, I gather the fabric in such a way so that the clothes fit nicely.

Last but not least, I like to decorate the clothes a bit. Add a few beads, sequins ... a bit of stitching, whatever comes to mind at the time.

So here is what I have come up with:
(Oh and pardon all the messy hair.  A certain someone loves to twirl and rub their hair for comfort.)

Barbie's smocked dress.
Material: new cotton, flower, beads.
Inspired by this shirring tutorial.

Barbie's couture skirt (the shirt was bought).
Material: new  polyester, sequins, beads.

Moxie's button dress.
Material: upcycled T-Shirt, beads, sequins.
Inspired by all the ruffles in Tea Rose Home.

Strawberry Shortcake's pink dress.
Material: upcycled T-Shirt.

Strawberry Shortcake's smocked halter dress
Material: new polyester

Blanket and pillow.
(... because Barbie only has 1 bed, but so many friends who sleep over!)
Material: felted wool sweater & cotton

Oh and I made a pair of tights from Jasmine's old tights. They turned out surprisingly well fitting. But I haven't made anything else to wear with it ... so I'll save it for later.

I enjoyed making these things and Jasmine loved them. She wants more, more, more. Well ... maybe for Christmas?

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sertyan said...

How pretty! I used to sew for my Japanese dolls too. You can see the dresses I made for them in my blog! Cheers