Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day weekend

What did I do over the weekend? Our family drove to Bear Valley - a 3 hour trip - to spend the weekend with great friends who have a cabin up there. I love Bear Valley. I love our friends! And I love my hubby's and kids' enthusiasm every time we go to Bear Valley.

The 3 hour trip up though ... not so much. It's actually not bad. But the first time we went up there, I was driving, and it was snowing and it was dark early just when the road started to wind a lot. I guess that first impression is always there somewhere in my subconscious. So whenever we go, I drag my feet a bit.

This time I decided I will do something productive (besides reading and entertaining my kids). I packed up my crocheting needle, a book and lots of yarn. The last time I crocheted was 5 years ago. I was never really good at it. I never finished anything big. All I did was crochet a few flowers for my baby's socks.

Well, after a weekend of crocheting, I must say ... I love crochet. It's very relaxing. I still don't like to make big pieces, because my stitches are not very even, so nothing ever stays straight. My favorite to crochet: borders!

The borders will be worked into some kind of scarf eventually. Not sure what or for whom yet.

But this scarf I made for my 5-year old - who desperately tried to learn to crochet. 

A couple more borders and then it will be done :-)

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