Wednesday, September 1, 2010


In the past week I have been working on this: my children's silhouettes. I photographed their profiles, printed and cut them out, then transferred them onto black card board. I stuck the silhouettes onto some pretty paper and decorated them with flowery stickers, borders and descriptive words.

I hung the silhouettes in my dining room together with my hibiscus series of photos. The photos were taken 8-10 years ago and is a collection that was taken in various locations ... Orlando, Grand Cayman, St John. Ahhh, memories!

PS. Thank you to the link parties on the right, for letting me share what I make!


Kristabelle said...

Wow they look great. What an easy way to do silhouettes, I always thought they looked good but couldn't figure out how to do them! I found your blog through tea rose home link party.

Cynthia Rahardja Clancy said...

Thank you Kristabelle. I'm glad I could share something useful :)

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

You did a GREAT job on these! I LOVE silhouettes.


Kristabelle said...

I gave them a go you can have alook here
if you like. thank you again they look wonderful!