Monday, September 27, 2010

Time flies

Oops, has it really been this long since I posted last?
I have been creating, I really have ... but most of it is half done. So I promised myself, no more unfinished projects. This week it's going to be all about completing what I have already started!

Last night I finished my Grandmothers 100 day bookmarks. October 7 marks 100 days since my Grandmother has passed away. In my family we have special prayers at 7 days, 40 days, 100 days, 1 year, 2 year and 3 year anniversaries. Most often, and in my Grandmother's case, close family and friends will be invited. My Grandmother lived and passed away in Indonesia. I won't be there for this event. So I thought it would be nice to take part in this little event anyway by creating a little souvenir for those who do come.

I created little bookmarks. On the front is my grandmother's photo with a quote printed with the Gocco; on the back is a quote by Helen Keller with a bird cut with the Cricut. I used different kinds of paper, merely for my own entertainment.

Today I finished up one of my assignments from my e-course. I sandwiched sequins, lace and decorative paper between two pieces of tissue papers. Then I cut the edges with different punches. I've been wanting to draw something on top of it for days ... actually more than a week. But nothing came to me. Plus I started to love my little pink creation and didn't want to mess it up.

Today I thought: now or never. I took a chocolate colored sharpie ... I still couldn't get myself to draw anything, but while I was looking for quotes for my grandmother's bookmark, I came upon a quote by Marcel Proust. So I wrote that, doodled a little to define my writing space and oila:

In real life it doesn't look whitish on the top. I think it's the Mod Podge reflecting the natural light. I didn't have time to play in Photoshop too much, so this will do.

I still have so many more projects and assignments to finish ... and then .... well, it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, my son's Birthday and Christmas time! 

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