Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween craft with young kids

Ah, I love October. I love the color of the pumpkins and all the festivities associated with fall. I wish I could enjoy the changing of the leaves, too. But maybe there'll be some colors left when we visit NYC at the end of the month.

This year my kids wanted to decorate for Halloween. In the past I have saved all of my "holiday crafts" energy for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I guess my kids are getting bigger and noticing all the fun decorations around the neighborhoods and shops. So they have requested that we, too, do something about Halloween (other than dressing up for it).

I bought some decorations from Party City and Target, including the pumpkin lights that you have seen in my earlier post. For a Halloween craft we decided to make a fun banner. I cut out shapes and let the kids stick Halloween foam stickers (purchased from Target) on them. Then we strung them and hung them in the living room.

And oila!

That easy :-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A little blurry obsession

While at a pumpkin patch recently, I waved my camera at a few pumpkins. I kept the shutter speed open a bit in hopes to find a happy accident: perhaps a blurry patch of orange? Alas all I saw was white. If I were by myself, I would have played with the shutter speed. But I had to keep up with two children who were super happy that they were out and about.

I forgot all about my little experiment until I uploaded my photos today. And guess what, my pumpkin photo wasn't white at all. I could see a lovely hint of orange and pink. I decided to darken it in Photoshop and this is what I got:

I'm in love. There's something about the colors and the light swirls.
I really wanted to wave the camera at something else. But it's night time and the kids are in bed. So I decided to go on a WWW trip. I went around the world and had a blast.

These beauties are going to be backgrounds for something.
For what? Uhm ... not sure. For something I'm sure :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I love photography!

Lately I'm too busy taking care of little ones, keeping up with housework and catching up with my e-course. I've had no time for my photography. Well, other than to preserve various moments of my kids childhoods. Even those are often quick snapshots, because 5 other things are waiting to be done at the same time.

I'm so glad that my e-course calls for a bit of creative photography this week. It's not about the technically perfect shot, but the shot that moves your emotion in funny ways.

Here I photographed a string of pumpkin lights by moving my camera in various ways.

It gives these (cheap) pumpkins a bit of personality, does it not?

This makes me want to do "A photo a day" blog. Ah, can I really handles this? ;)


In the past week I have worked on my collages. I really enjoy collaging. But I'm not so crazy about the smell of Mod Podge. My E-course teacher suggested PVA glue. I must try that.

The first collage is really a deconstruction and reconstruction of my favorite pages of the latest Anthropologie catalog. If I could have any studio, it would look like this. It would have old world charm. It would have deep colored walls and lots of decorative details around arches, doors, windows, trim and pillars. It would have big open spaces and lots of natural light coming in.

This second piece is an abstract piece. I love how abstract pieces leave me feeling free and satisfied.
I worked on the above piece for a week, arranging and rearranging over and over again. I started to feel a tiny bit anxious towards the end. Maybe it was the fear of making a mistake. I loved the pictures so much, I was very attached to the outcome.

For the second piece, I tried to have a more "where ever it falls, it stays" attitude. I rearranged it a couple of times, but I didn't obsess over it. I was done in 30 minutes.

I'm asking myself, do I love the second one less because I spend less time creating it?
Welllll, I do prefer the first, because of all the details - it's eye candy. But the second one is all mine (except for the black swirls I guess, I used a Cricut to cut it), I painted the decorative papers. So there is a kind of satisfaction in that. 

I suppose both pieces are just different. Why compare? Just enjoy! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

more flowers

A while ago I made flowers and I loved them so, I said I would make more.
Well, I did a few with a polyester fabric that is bright and wild. They turned out even better than my first ones. and they adorned a few of my bottles in the kitchen. But slowly they have been leaving as I let my kids give them away for a friend's recital and such. These last 2 have gone to our teachers' Birthdays.

Time to make more :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My little city

I love old city charm. I tried to capture a bit of the romance and mystery and history of an old town - invented  by my brain - in a little mixed media painting.

Materials: Acrylics, decorative papers, wax paper (clouds), aluminium foil (sun),
sequins, glitter glue, crystal stickers, wire.

I particularly love how the clouds and the balcony turned out. 
I wish the buildings popped out a bit more. Maybe I need to use cardboard or do a bit of shading.
I'll try it again another time!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Little pieces of art

Another week of Experimental Art course. I'm loving it tremendously!
I'm a little bit behind on the assignments ... but I hope to rectify that soon ...

Below I used photography work found in an old Popular Photography magazine and transfered tracings of fairies/people from a promotional calendar I found in Indonesia. I colored the creatures with Sharpie pens.

The above photograph is by Guy Rogers. Unfortunately for the one below I can't find the photographer's information. I have been cutting out photos/ads/etc from magazines, mainly for inspiration. And I usually keep the creator's information, too. So I'm really sorry to the person who took this gorgeous photograph.

I hope I'm not violating copyright laws ...
Please know, this project was created for my personal exploration and to fulfill a fun assignment for my e-course. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Painting as relaxation therapy

I love painting abstract pieces. It is perfect relaxation therapy! It's great to create without trying to produce something specific. There is no stress that things are not turning out the way I had it in my mind. I never know how it's going to end up even if I use the same materials and colors. And it's always fun to find "something" or "some story" in those paintings afterwards.

The above paintings were done with my fingers/hands only - no brushes or other tools. So I thought it would be great to do with my kids, too! I find it hilarious that my usually messy kids carefully dipped their fingers into the paint and ran to the bucket of water, which I provided for hand washing, every 20 seconds!

Life is funny that way.