Tuesday, October 12, 2010


In the past week I have worked on my collages. I really enjoy collaging. But I'm not so crazy about the smell of Mod Podge. My E-course teacher suggested PVA glue. I must try that.

The first collage is really a deconstruction and reconstruction of my favorite pages of the latest Anthropologie catalog. If I could have any studio, it would look like this. It would have old world charm. It would have deep colored walls and lots of decorative details around arches, doors, windows, trim and pillars. It would have big open spaces and lots of natural light coming in.

This second piece is an abstract piece. I love how abstract pieces leave me feeling free and satisfied.
I worked on the above piece for a week, arranging and rearranging over and over again. I started to feel a tiny bit anxious towards the end. Maybe it was the fear of making a mistake. I loved the pictures so much, I was very attached to the outcome.

For the second piece, I tried to have a more "where ever it falls, it stays" attitude. I rearranged it a couple of times, but I didn't obsess over it. I was done in 30 minutes.

I'm asking myself, do I love the second one less because I spend less time creating it?
Welllll, I do prefer the first, because of all the details - it's eye candy. But the second one is all mine (except for the black swirls I guess, I used a Cricut to cut it), I painted the decorative papers. So there is a kind of satisfaction in that. 

I suppose both pieces are just different. Why compare? Just enjoy! :)

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