Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy New Year

Gosh time flies.
It's terrible that I haven't been posting anything for over a month! I have family visiting (and yes they are still here), and there was Christmas, road trips (we've had 2 so far), my son's Birthday (he is 4 now ... *sigh*), a field trip and various other school related "have-to-do" things ... those are my excuses :)  All of which I love having and doing - but which unfortunately takes me away from the little fun things in life.

I haven't been totally uncreative though. I knitted Blythe clothes (my daughter got one from Santa :) and baked cookies and cut snowflakes with the kids. I also have been taking tons of photos. This year I would love to start "a photo a day" blog ... the way the year is starting I might have to go with "a photo a week" ;)  We'll see.

Below are a couple of hearts I found on Glass beach in Mendocino on our last road trip.

I will be back with more photos soon :-)

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