Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rain? What a lovely day!

The other day when it was raining the whole day, hubby made a little comment about how the rain just hadn't stopped. My four year old wisely said: Rain? That's when rainbows come out Daddy!

Sadly that day was just so gray and dreary, no rainbow would make an appearance.

The next morning it kept on raining lightly. Alex and I took Jasmine to school. We were desperately hoping for sun. For rain meant no recess and usually watching a movie in class (I don't mind the shows they watch, but truly, I didn't pay private tuition fees for TV ;-)

And who could have guessed, right after we dropped Jasmine off, there it was, the most beautiful rainbow. I parked on the road, so Alex could enjoy as the rainbow unfold from a tiny stretch to a full half circle (well, sort of). I love the area my kids go to school, we see full rainbows there quite a bit.


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