Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hello spring!

Is gardening a creative activity? Well, I think so ... and even if it's not, photographing my flowers is surely a creative activity, right? We finally got the chance to go to a garden center and find a few flowers to fill our pots.

It's been 4 days and everything is still beautiful and thriving. Last year we didn't have much luck with our flowers. By the end of the first week, half of the plants lost all their flowers and buds and they had to regrow everything. By the end of spring some of the plants died completely.

This time around a kind lady, who was queuing behind us at the cashier and admiring our choice of flowers, recommended B-1! We bought a bottle and so far, so good :-)

This is a sedum we had for years. I think it's flowering for the first time!


Can't wait for this to grow into a strawberry!

Ranunculus - my favorite flower after roses and peonies.


Can't remember what this is called, but I love how they flower profusely.

I'm hoping to grow roses and lavender and some herbs, too. Last year we had basil and made the greatest blackberry/raspberry basil lemonade! More on that next time :)


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