Saturday, March 5, 2011

*love* ribbons!

Oh my, oh my!
Blog surfing just spells trouble for me. So many cute ideas! So many gorgeous products!
Today I found Ribbons Galore! Good thing the shopping cart wasn't working so well. I added so many ribbons to it, the total was over $60 - *eek*. When I pressed Checkout, it all disappeared. I was disappointed, but then I thought, who buys $60 worth of ribbon and what am I going to use it for??? So I have decided to sleep over it and only pick 2 or 3 next time I visit.

But look at these gorgeous ribbon ... how can you pick just a few?





How can ribbon be so irresistable? And I just love the choices for boys! These days there is hardly anything cute for little boys anymore. Tonight I will be dreaming about ribbons :)

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