Friday, March 18, 2011

She Art

Have you heard about the She Art Workshop?
Yes, I am taking another e-course. I just love the convenience of taking inspiring classes online. This way I can pay full attention to my kids in the daytime and pay full attention to what I want to learn at any odd time I have available.

This workshop is a mixed media class, which is taught by the very lovely Christy Tomlinson. I learned all about the different things I could use in a mixed media painting - which is pretty much anything, how to create backgrounds, and how to create cute girls.

What makes this class unique from the other ones I have taken, is that Christy teaches through a series of videos, instead of just blog entries. Christy is such a warm and wonderful person. Watching her demonstrations is truly inspiring, fun, and enjoyable.

My class is coming to an end (the class will be offered again soon) and I have finally finished one She Art.

It took me 2 weeks to finally be able to say: Okay this project is done!
I am in the midst of making another one. I hope I won't ponder on this one too long ... 


Autumn said...

I am being tempted left and right to take this class! Lovely piece you've made here. xx

Cynthia Rahardja Clancy said...

Thank you! I highly recommend it, it is fun and inspiring to watch Christy Tomlinson create her girls.