Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday goodness

I want to show you a bit of home made Birthday goodness. A few weeks ago it was Jasmine's Birthday. She is our social one who usually likes to invite "everybody" and celebrate at truely active places with jumpy houses and such. Last year though we celebrated Alex's at home and I made some hand made decorations, which enchanted Jasmine.

So this year she asked to have a Tinkerbell party at home. I complied.

Thank goodness it was Tinkerbell, because we could reuse Alex's Buzz Lightyear inspired pompoms :) They took me forever to make and I was happy that they were good for another party!

I made garlands to define the party area. My cricut was useful to cut out little critters and flowers. I also made some flowers out of fabric. Eventually the paper shapes will go into Jasmine scrapbook and most of the fabric flowers have already been used for the Thank You cards. 

Foam stickers were used to make this garland. I stuck a few butterfly clips and Tinkerbell confetti here and there to make it more interesting.

The best thing, in my opinion, was the Birthday ice cream cake. Okay it was a bit crooked (haha), but I couldn't believe how easy and cheap it was (less than $10 without the decoration)  AND how much everybody loved it. The cake below was made for Jasmine's Birthday-day. I used the same recipe to make ice cream cupcakes for the Birthday party. Every kid had 2-4 cupcakes. They totally cleaned the tray. In the past I have always ordered pretty cakes for $50-80. And I always had left over which no one ever wanted to eat.

Here is my little girl. 6 years old!

 Well, the favors weren't handmade, but I think they looked cute :)

Oh yes, there were boys at the party and they got to wear Batman masks, decorate Batman capes and bring Batman favors home :) I cut the masks out of felt and the capes out of polyester fabric. I hardly stitched a thing - just the elastic for mask and the hooks on the capes.


Don't you just love Birthdays at home?

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