Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter, visitors, painting, mixed media, journaling

First off, for those of you who celebrate, I hope you had a Happy Easter!
I wanted to do a post on that, but time got away. Maybe later in the week, I'll do a recap.

Secondly, I can't believe that I had over 1000 visitors since the first day I blogged. I know it's not much by some people's standards, but *gosh* it's a lot for me. Keeping creativity in my life on a consistent basis has been a lot of fun ... for me, for my kids, and hopefully for others. Thanks to everyone who checks in, reads my ramblings and especially to those who comment.

This is what I've worked on in the past few days. A bit more work on our family painting. We did a bit more stencil work. Today I drew a few flowers for the kids to paint with Acrylics. Hopefully tomorrow we get a chance to do it. My kids wanted to work on it right away, but my energy level was low and I just couldn't get myself to get all the painting stuff, put a painting shirt on everyone, mix all the colors and then clean it all up. I think the thought of cleaning up was really what turned me off. For some reason, no matter how little we paint, the paint goes everywhere ... fingers, hair, nose, toes, floors ....

Remember the She Art course, I took? Well, I made another one. 
Jana Darrington, a lovely lady, who took the course with me, is helping with a fundraiser for the Idaho Health Care Association. She is trying to donate 100 She Arts and has asked for help from all She Art students. So I thought I'd help with that project. How do you like this one?

It's going to be hard to part with this. I love her and her boots so! 

I have also been journaling. Sad, but true, in the past couple of weeks I have accumulated more half done pages than I have actually finished. Welllll ... I actually just finished one the other day and have about 10 pages that are waiting for the final details. But, I really like this page. It really speaks to me.

More from me again soon ... I hope :)

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