Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Journaling love ...

Here is an entry from my old journal -  which I have pondered over for weeks: is it finished yet? Well, over the weekend I added a few rub-ons and finally added the text. Sometimes when I ponder over something too long, I feel more stress than enjoyment, so I am proclaiming this to be finished!
It was inspired by Christy Tomlinson's She Art class.

Note: I read Christy Tomlinson is going to be a Creative Partner at Spark 3. Oh how I wish I could attend it! It sounds and looks so fun and exciting and beautiful! But it's going to be in October in Utah. How come there is nothing ever happening in California?

Ah well, I started my new journal.
I have decided I enjoy the mind mapping technique. I must do more of it.

I haven't decided what cover to make. Sew a collage of fabric? Paint over cardboard? Knit a cover over cardboard? Too many possibilities!


Autumn said...

Your mind mapping is intriguing and very revealing. Love the doodleness of it and the surround. JOY on paper!!! And I love the second spread, the balance of simple and complex. Love how you add your doodles to printed images. Thank you for sharing your advice here. xx,
Autumn Clark

Autumn said...

Ah, I thought the She Art was a separate post and was going to comment on that one, but see that it is together, so forgive the double comment! ;0 This piece is quite finished. It is perfect! The layers, the texture, the text. Lovely, every bit! Your "She" is just amazing, her dress makes me go gaga! Wish they made those in size 6. LOL! Love her hair jewels too! Wonderful inspiration for this Wednesday morning. xx,
Autumn Clark

Cynthia Rahardja Clancy said...

Thank you Autumn! I love your journals so much. Your comments brightened my day :)