Sunday, April 17, 2011

painting, journaling, e-courses ...

Ah time, time where do you go?
It's been busy, busy. But I've been trying to stay creative.

My kids and I have started a 24"x36" canvas. Crazy! I know! We've never even attempted a small canvas before. But Jasmine and her Kinder class have painted mushrooms on a large canvas for her school's auction and she was very proud that she got to paint 2 mushrooms. It is what led me to this idea: to let the kids paint with me guiding them ... and maybe quietly going over things as needed. If all goes well, we'll hang it over our sofa which is in dire need of "something"!

It's going to be a mixed media painting. So our first step: spray glimmer mist over beautiful stencils. I already love it so.

I've worked on a few journaling pages. All, but one, are half done. Typical me.
This one I have been working on while the kids played in the playground and I just felt the need to be productive.

Oh and yes, I have started another e-course last week called Big Dreams, Small Wonders. It is a course, that I'm hoping will take me one step further in my creative life, which is to hopefully start an etsy shop this year?
I have started a journal for it, too. More on that later.

On my wishlist of e-courses are also:
- Dream Job by Elsie and Emma
- Flying Lessons by Kelly Rae Roberts ... this one is actually not an e-course, it's a set of e-books. I'm wishing hard that she will offer it as e-course again though.

What did people (especially mothers) do before e-courses???

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The Dreaming Bear said...! You are keeping busy! And I like where you are going with the canvas so far! Cheers! -Dori