Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Addition to the garden family

Last weekend we took a little road trip to Half Moon Bay. We had a little lunch at the Ritz Carlton and took the kids to the beach. On the way home we stopped by the Half Moon Bay nursery. I just intended to buy a few succulents, since they do so well on my balcony. The kids were having a snack and I thought they would just sit with hubby in the car. It would have been a quick "in and out" sort of visit.

But it turned out Jasmine wanted to go in with me and the "quick in and out" sort of visit turned into a "stop and smell the flowers" sort of visit. Fifteen minutes later the boys joined us, which was good, because Jasmine's and my arms were full of pots and we truly needed help. 

Jasmine was so excited to be in there, you would have thought that she had never seen a nursery! I have to admit there was such a variety of plants, it was hard not to go overboard. Jasmine and I wanted everything!

But the plant she wanted most was this:

Jasmine :)
On this visit I tried not to buy plants that cost over $5/pot, because my plants have been known to die ... But how could I deny a bright eyed Jasmine, saying please a hundred times, to a little pot of Jasmine? So now there it is, on our balcony!

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