Friday, May 20, 2011

Free motion sewing ...

To all of you who use a sewing machine to sew freely, depicting birds and flower and sentences ... WOW! I really admire you.

When I set out to stitch pictures using my sewing machine yesterday, I had Pam Garrison (whose blog I LOVE) in mind. Have you seen her video Saturday Morning? It's been dancing around in my mind for months!

My sewing machine was out and I thought: Hey, now or never. I was excited to try it out and so thankful that my Mom gifted me a great sewing machine with all the right "feet" a few years ago.

So what did I make? This:

What happened? Well ... let's just say I need LOTS of practice before I go on stitching something beautiful for a pillow.

After getting stuck a few times due to various reasons (sometimes the thread, sometimes the fabric), I decided to practice with individual, small shapes first. I drew the shape on fabric scraps, then backed it with T-Shirt material from my kids' "too small, but can't part with it" pile.

It was part frustrating and part comedic to guide the fabric back and forth to make it go in the right direction. I don't think I ever talked to my sewing machine before. After this experience I ought to name it!

So what is to become of the above shapes? I actually have a few ideas: necklaces, bracelets, art journal embellishments ... Alex suggested making a watch for him. I'll update you later with the fate of these shapes :-)

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