Thursday, May 5, 2011

Garden update

Okay, I actually don't have a garden, but my kids like to call our balcony that. With the absence of a real piece of property with grass and all, I have let them and tried to keep up with the flowers to make it fun and pretty for them. About a month ago we started with this years plantings.

I must admit, I don't have a green thumb. My Mom is the one with the green thumb and she has been desperately encouraging me with tips and all for years. Sadly, I don't think much has stuck.

A couple of weeks ago, we have been plagued with aphids! I have been trying to spray them with soapy water. It seems as though there are millions of them! My ranunculus and anemone have all gone and disappeared. Also the flowers - whose name escape me, see below (picture taken the day after we planted them), have withered by 98%.

I think next up are the spinach and the poppies. I'm trying desperately to save them. Not sure though, I think those green, little pests are winning! We had a tiny little crop of spinach, just enough to mix in the kids' Mac 'n Cheese a week ago. Yesterday I cut and threw away most of the big leaves, because the thought of eating them, when just the day before there were hundreds of green eggs sticking to the back of it, sends shivers up my spine! 

The poppies are profusely flowering right now. We've got a bunch of whites and yellows and a couple of reds and oranges. However, I can tell that the new buds are not quite making it. Most of them have already withered.

What is doing real well, so far, are the strawberries. It seems as if aphids don't like them?
We picked 3 to date and my kids tell me they are delicious! Another dozen are waiting to ripen. I hope they survive the four little hands that admire them every day!

My tomato plants are also growing well. My kids don't like them, and neither do the aphids (I think), so they have been growing in peace.

My sedums are doing awesome, too. It's not my efforts really. I've had them for a few years, not been watering them during the fall/winters, and ignoring them most of the time.

I guess I'm really a sedum person. Low effort, great growth. That's for me!
My kids think that they are not very pretty though ... so here I go, watering what's left in my garden.

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