Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My art journal has been sitting on my table a bit lonely lately. With kids and e-courses and a whole range of household chores to take care of, it hasn't been getting a lot of attention. It's good though to step back a bit and come back and see it with fresh eyes.

When I looked at it yesterday, I realized that it was not quite what I imagined it would be. When I started it, I was imagining a journal that was a bit more 3D, full of embellishments, plenty of nooks and crannies - a little charming mess. Instead, my journal is neat and tidy. Most pages cut to the same size. No surprises.

So I looked through my recycling and found little brown paper bags. I decided to make a few secret-keepers ... envelopes really, to put things I want to keep. I wish I had secrets to put in there for my kids to find long after I do not exist. But alas, I don't have any.

I had to think of other things :-)

This one contains a few notes I wrote to myself. My hope and wishes, those sort of things.

This one contains tiny little photos that I sometimes print out to make cards and stuff. But over the years I have been printing out more than I have really used. Recently I keep finding them in old art boxes and paper stashes. Finding them has made me really happy, so I have decided to make quick little "albums" using die cuts. And now they finally have a home.

This one houses a few "books" that my kids keep making and giving to me and notes my hubby sometimes writes to me. Seriously no space will ever be enough to store my kids' creations. But I love keeping them and I have hard time choose which I shall keep.

This one has turned into a Father's Day envelope for my Dad. I will stick in my kids' photos and a note or two.

Not sure yet what will go into these ones.
I'm sure though they'll be stuffed with goodies soon :)


Autumn said...

Are these your doodles? The bags are just fantastic!

Cynthia Rahardja Clancy said...

Yes, these are my doodles. Except the rocket ship, that is a print that was on the brown bag. Oh and the long strips are printed tapes that I purchased from a japanese shop.
These bags have proven quite practical for my journal :)