Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father's Day crafting

Are you ready for Father's Day?

We finished crafting stuff for my Dad a few days ago. It's finally in the post to hopefully arrive in time for Father's Day. For my hubby, we are putting the final touches on his cards.

Today I'll be showing you the cards we made for my Dad.
For my Dad, my card was inspired by the She Had Three Hearts e-course I took recently.
Lots of hearts, a little paint, stamps, die cuts and bling :) I also included a heart each of my kids made.

This in turn inspired my (big) little munchkin to create a card for her grandpa.


She insisted on cutting hearts out of photos, too. So I printed the photos and drew the heart shapes. She cut them out, stamped the front heart (she took one of my painted hearts from my art box, because she loved it so) and wrote a poem. 

I'm particularly proud of her poem. She just came up with it. Within 3 minutes it was written up inside a little heart shape. I'm really amazed by it.

Jasmine is a little mad though because I didn't tell her that grandpa is spelled with a 'd' in it. She stamped it on the front card herself, while I helped Alex spell it right on his little creation. Secretly, I think it's cute how 6 year olds spell things ... just the way things sound. 

Alex asked me what Grandpa's favorite color was and I told him blue. So what did he make? This ...

He decided to give Grandpa the blue part of a rainbow and a blue heart. Funny how 4 year olds think! :)

Tomorrow I'll share with you the mixed media painting I made for my Dad.

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