Thursday, June 30, 2011

*love* photo books

I LOVE photo books. Making them. Ordering them. Looking through them.
I think my 6 year old does, too. Occasionally she can be found on the sofa, going through all the photo books that I have put on the table next to it.

Recently, I found Paper Coterie. What is unique about them is that they offer prompts for their photo books. And what I really LOVE from their site are their swatchbooks. They are smaller photo books - 5.5"x3.25". Their paper backgrounds are gorgeous and some also include beautiful icons.

Today marks my grandmother's first anniversary since her death. In honor of this occasion, I ordered a few swatchbooks for me and my family.

The fronts of the pages show photos of her funeral ...

and the back of the pages show photos of when she was younger and with her family.

I am very happy with how the swatchbooks turned out. I love the quality of the paper. And the printing quality is good too. It's crisp, but slightly grainy if you really look at it. It doesn't bother me though.

I packed my little gifts up, here are a few ...

I hope my Oma is happy in heaven. And I hope my family enjoys their little keepsakes.

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