Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nature's Art

Okay, so this is not my art. It's more of how amazing and beautiful nature is.

Guess what's been growing in our home for the past 2 weeks?

Yes, butterflies and ladybugs!
Our first butterfly is here. Four more to go.

All the ladybugs have hatched. Hatched ... is that even the right word for ladybugs? Probably not. I need to research that.

I've read many times that ladybugs eat aphids. But oh golly ... now I really believe it!
(aphids courtesy from our garden :)

Jasmine has been very intrigued by the ladybugs eating the aphids. It took me forever to get her to bed!

Actually, I'm very intrigued, too. Gotta go back to watching them. Plus I think 2 more butterflies are coming out soon!

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