Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am back from a wonderful roadtrip.
Hubby had to attend a conference in San Diego, so we decided to tag along and see the sights. On our way there, we stopped in Hollywood. Why? Well, because my 6 year old loves reading the Fancy Nancy series and in one of the books, Mrs Devine - Fancy Nancy's neighbor - has a scrapbook full of letters and autographs by Hollywood movie stars. Jasmine has been talking about Hollywood ever since. I think she was expecting a place full of movie stars .. good thing, we got things cleared up just before the trip :)  And she enjoyed a short stop at the Chinese Theater.

"Mommy, my hands fit in these prints. Who is Shirley Temple?"

Found "Mary Poppin's" little spot ...

and "Dorothy's" prints.

Then we made a 2 days stop at Legoland.

Lucky Alex! On those exact 2 days Legoland hosted a Star Wars weekend. Alex LOVES Star Wars. He hasn't seen any of the movies or read any of the books, except for the simple reader books - which really doesn't tell you much. But he is a great fan!

Then we made it to San Diego. I have always loved San Diego. This time we stayed right by Seaport Village. It was great for walking around and exploring.

I wanted to walk up to "the Sailor and the Nurse", but it got vetoed by 2 little munchkins. I had to use my zoom lens to see it. Go figure!

My hubby recommended going to the Midway museum, but I was skeptical that it was worth taking a 4 and a 6 year old to an aircraft carrier museum. My 4-year old is into superheroes and has little interest in "vehicles". The closest he got is when he was 2 and pointed at every fire engine and ambulance. He is way past it now though. And my 6 year old is such a typical girly girl - her life evolves around princesses, fairies, ballet and gymnastics.

We walked to the Midway anyway. I thought we would just pass by it, take a few photos and maybe talk about the helicopters and airplanes that we could see.

The moment we got there, my kids asked if they could go in. So we got tickets and ... 

... we stayed for 4 hours! Time flew, I couldn't believe it.
Who knew that it was so fun to push button and pull levers, which are not even connected to anything anymore?!

Next month we'll be flying to NYC for a week. I can't wait!

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