Thursday, July 7, 2011

In my art journal ...

New in my art journal are a few exercises "to loosen up". I find my "art" often to be stiff and I would like to go more with the flow. I would love to be lost in the process and discover something I had not planned.

In my "She had three hearts" e-course, I learned about how to use the alcohol inks by Ranger. I had a few alcohol inks from a different company in my art box and I added a few more Ranger ones to the collection. It was interesting to see that both reacted a little differently when mixed with each other and with the Ranger Blending solution.

The idea to my little exercise is simple: just drop and mix, a little blowing here and there ... no planning required. Once it was about 80% covered, I covered the remaining white spaces with copic pens. Then I just looked at it .... I was hoping something specific came to me to draw or paint on top of it. Unfortunately ... nothing.

So I grabbed my sharpies and just drew patterns - which I found quite therapeutic. Somewhere in there I saw a little girl and decided to draw her in white. Then I journalled a bit.

In the second one, I decided to use my black pen and draw flowers. Somewhere in the middle of it I saw a bird and then of course I had to draw rocks for her to stand on and a pretty flower to keep her company.

If nothing else, it was a very relaxing exercise :)

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