Monday, August 15, 2011

Family painting / mixed media update

Remember our family painting?
I know, you'd think it'd be finished by now and gracing our living room, ey? I thought so, too!

I thought, summer! Plenty of time to work on it.
Turned out summer was busy. And if there was a spare moment, my daughter wanted to read (she was in a race to collect all the rewards from the library's summer reading program!) and my son rather played "fight" (boys! I had to hide his swords & lightsaber several times, just to give me a break).

We finally worked on it a little last week.
We painted and stamped a few details on the flowers. Then we added a touch of glitter and stenciled into the background. My kids weren't too crazy about the stenciling. So I did alot of it. I really enjoyed working on it, without the constant "I want to do that, too!" (haha)

Some of the flowers became big and messy after adding more paint. So I cut out scrapbooking paper to define the flowers.

We also added 2 ladybugs.

So what do you think?
Starting to look interesting?

I think we'll work on it one last time, maybe adding details using sharpies. And then we'll call it finished.
My kids are ready to move on to a new project. They want to create a painting for my bedroom (which is also in desperate need for something interesting! :)

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Autumn said...

Such a precious piece, so loved I'm sure!