Monday, August 1, 2011

What's in your art box?

My kids are pretty busy. Just because it's summer, they are not slowing down. My daughter alone goes to theater camp in the mornings; gymnastics, piano and yoga in the afternoon. I know, I know, sometimes I feel bad and I think we've got to drop a few activities. But just yesterday, she asked if she could go to gymnastics camp. Crazy, I know. Especially because she goes to gymnastics twice a week! One and a half hours each time!

So anyhow, unless it's camp time , I usually wait in the lobby or coffee shop. Sometimes I crochet, sometimes I knit, sometimes I read. Today I brought my art box. Just looking at my art box makes me happy, because yesterday I decided to decorate it. It so happens that I have a  HUGE  collection of stickers - which I have been hoarding. That's another story though.

I finally decided that my sticker collection is getting ridiculous large. And it would be a waste if I didn't enjoy and use it. So I got a few of my japanese & korean stickers and started sticking! It's a work in progress, but this is how it looks like right now.

Interested to see what's inside?

The top drawer contains gel pens, scissors, glue, correction tape, a stapler and various accessories which changes with the seasons. Today there is washi tape, flowers, brads, a little owl stamp, etc.

The second drawer contains all of my pens. There are lots of sharpies, a few pigment ink pens, copic pens and metallic pens.

The bottom drawer contains paper (I've got a lot of heart shaped ones these days), rub-ons, die cuts and other paper-related things. On the bottom right you can see a little project I was working on this afternoon :)

Well, that's my art box. What's in yours?

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