Thursday, September 15, 2011


These days I seem to only have time to make cards. I have a made a few, but this particular one I love. It went to congratulate a lovely couple who got married last weekend.

These days I love mixing geometric designs with floral designs. It looks fresh and contemporary.

I also have a new love for orange. It's strange considering I have always disliked orange and brown since I was a kid. Oh yes, I love brown, too, now. Particularly when mixed with pink or baby blue. What's up with that? My taste in food has also changed drastically since I was kid. I must be getting older! :)


Nancy W said...

Lovely!! Looking forward to meeting you at Spark! Hugs from Conroe, TX! Left you a msg on the Spark blog after your comment you left on the supplies post :)

Cynthia Rahardja Clancy said...

Thank you! I can wait to go to Spark!!