Monday, September 26, 2011

More going into my art journal

I must be on a roll. It's a getting a bit easier to create and finish little art journal pages these days. I don't have so many unfinished pages cluttering my table anymore.

This is a good thing, because I'm hosting a playdate later this week and I need to clean up my painting, art journaling and stitching stuff. Everything is accumulating on the dining room table and the floor. It's getting worse by the day and the only thing that saves my husband's sanity is having people over, even it's the little kind  :)

I know some bloggers artistically photograph their messes and then show a beautiful post photo after clean up. I thought about that. But honestly, I'm too embarassed to show my junk - that is what my husband calls it. My kids lovingly defend me by calling it art stuff. But I know, I gotta clean up!

Anyway, let me just show you a few pages that will go into my journal today. And then I'll clean up :)

The bottom two pages contain cutouts from an old Cookie magazine. It seriously had a lot of beautiful high end ads - great for journaling. However, I am in a "fall cleaning" mood; I'm trying to get rid of as much useless things as I can. So I tore out 2 pages to be used immediately and recycled the magazine :)

Now on to more cleaning!

PS. Oh yeah, a few days ago I promised myself to work on my owl paintings. I'll keep out enough painting materials to do that in the evenings. I hope that is not going to grow into a big mountain by the end of the week *eek*

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