Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blog Merge

Okay, I know, I change my mind a lot ... first I break my blogs into three, and now I'm merging 2 of them back together. There are 2 reason I'm doing this.

One. Initially one blog was supposed to contain more paintings and journalling projects. The second was supposed to be more personal/family/home projects. However, I feel that my projects are merging more and more. And now, that I have blogged for a while, I'm feeling less of a need to blog about really personal things, like trips and such. So I don't really need a space for that anymore.

Today I started a little 
stitching project for my journal.

Two. Who has the time really to keep up with so many blogs. Apparently not me. I am keeping my photography blog separate, because well, I am a photographer and I have a lot of plans for it :)

For my photo blog, head over here.

I have moved my entries from my personal blog over. I hope you enjoy just one blog for all of my painting/journalling/mixed media/stitching/knitting/crocheting and other creative endeavors!

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