Monday, April 30, 2012

*love* Mixed Media Girls by Suzi Blu

Have you read this book?

In my last post, I mentioned that I had traced a couple of girls from this book for my Shrinky Dink projects. I hope Suzi Blu is okay with me doing that. I promise that it was for personal experimentation.

Of course, I bought this book, not for shrinky dink projects, but to learn how to create beautiful faces and to learn more mixed media techniques.

My daughter and I love it! Mainly because it is beautiful. Her painting are sweet and rich in detail. There is a lot to look at and discover. I also like that her techniques are easy to follow and that she is specific with what materials she uses.

I wish it contained more of her paintings. However, she has blog. So if I want to see more of her girls I can always go there. She also offers online classes - which I am so tempted to take :)

Thank you Suzi Blu for sharing your gifts with us.

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