Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shrinky Dinks

Truthfully, shrinky dinks has never interested me in the slightest. Playing with plastic? Whatever.

However, life changes after you have kids, doesn't it? My daughter turned 7 recently and one of her friends gifted her a huge box of Shrinky Dinks jewelry kit.

Just as it was about to be put in the deepest, darkest corner of our craft closet, I was planning a playdate at our home. I thought that this would give the girls something special to do (other than going crazy with the boys ;).

Well, if you have played with Shrinky Dinks, you might have guessed that the girls loved it! Initially, they made a couple of things, then went to play. But then every 10 minutes they came back to make more things.

A couple of my daughter's creations.

I suppose what I really need to admit is that I got totally hooked, too! I can't believe how easy it is to make something so cute and so vibrant. They can be used in so many projects.

I highly recommend the above box for those who have no experience with shrinky dinks. The designs have already been printed on and it comes with all the necessary materials to make jewelry, tags and a keychain. All you have to do is cut, color, bake and create.

After a couple of days of nonstop coloring and creating, we hungered for more shrinky dinks projects. So I found this kit:

The sheets in this kit were blank, We traced anything we could get our hands on. First it was from the sheet of really cute pictures that came with it and then we traced from beloved books. So fun and addictive.

A bracelet for my Mom for Mother's Day - made by my kids and I.
The birds and the mermaid were traced from the provided sheet. 
The girl was traced from Suzi Blu's new book: Mixed Media Girls

I love Sentimental Circus.
This was traced from my Sentimental Circus agenda.
It's going into my journal ... before my kids steal it for the second time!

A birthday card I made for my auntie.
Featuring a girl, traced from Suzi Blu's new book: Mixed Media Girls.

We made too many things with shrinky dinks in the past month. I feel sorry that all of our gifts and cards these days involve this plastic in various ways. But they are cute ... no?

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