Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A bit of jewelry

Okay these pieces were made a while ago. Christmas actually. But I thought it'd be nice to share anyway :)

This necklace went to my Mom.

And this is the matching bracelet. 

This lariat went to my Mother-in-law.

This project has been entered to this link party:
Tip Junkie handmade projects

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Surface Pattern Design with Rachel Taylor

In the past month I have been taking a wonderful ecourse by Rachel Taylor: Surface Pattern Design. I have been learning about all the ingredients for a successful surface pattern.

Initially I have been hoping to be able design my own fabric. But it turns out lampshades, stationary, fabric ... it all starts out the same. You start out with a mark and extrapolate from there. It's been quite inspiring.

Here is a peek to my surface pattern journal - where I collect all of my excercises, photos, and color & pattern inspirations.

The following pattern started out from an assignment to try to doodle using a sewing machine. The blue flowers then inspired me to finish the "picture" by hand stitching the centers and the word "bloom".

Here is a digital moodboard of patterns I currently love. I guess I like flowers and blue and antique finish :)
The above patterns are products of (from left to right, top to bottom):
Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn, Simple Stories, Lily Bee Design,
7 Gypsies, October Afternoon, 7 Gypsies, Simple Stories,
Simple Stories, Bo Bunny Press, Paper Source, Prima marketing.

More to come soon :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Any plans for this summer?

We are going on an Alaskan cruise! *yay*
I have been dreaming about this for years. My kids are finally old enough to enjoy a cruise and a great deal came our way, so off we'll go.

For it, I have created a travel journal. This is the first one I have created prior to travelling. (I have a new resolution: to be ahead, instead of always falling behind ;) I wish it worked with dishes and laundry ...)

I sewed, punched, cut, glued, rubbed ... it's been great fun ... here's a little sneak peek ...

These pages haven't been bound together. I will do that when I come back. That way I can always add and subtract pages during our trip.

This project is great for all those scrapbooking leftovers you may have. if you have loose pages, half pages, thin strips, left overs from punching paper ... start using them. Travel journals are a lot of fun! :)

Happy travelling! And happy journalling!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all mothers are feeling the love and care of their family today!

You have seen the bracelet I made for my Mom here.

Now I'll show you the card, which I hope she has received by now.

I wish I had the time to go through my better quality photos which I just have had the chance to organize and back-up. However, with the spirit of being practical, yet thoughtful, I went with my iphone photos. After all I use my iphone for those unplanned, often quirky, "quick that is a moment I want to remember forever" - kind of photos.Though the quality may not be great, they convey moments that are quite different from the ones I take with my official looking camera.

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quick card idea ... good for Teacher Appreciation week

Are you ever in a bind looking for a card that needs to be send or given to in ... like, an hour?
I am.
A lot.

The other day I was reminded to send a present that very day for an 18th Birthday. The present was bought the week before. The card I had managed to procastinate on.

This is where my {huge} paper and die cuts stash came in. I knew there was a good use for it!
In 5 minutes I managed to put together a pleasing card. Simple, bold and beautiful.

The card.

The envelope.

Technique Tip:
1. Take an 6x6" scrapbook paper (printed on both side)
2. Fold the bottom of the paper, so it will fit into the envelope you have.
I used an 4.25x6.25" envelope, I think.
3. Glue or staple the sides where the paper is folded, so it creates a pocket.
4. Embellish with die cuts, stickers or 3D embellishment.
5. Find a tag to write your message on.
6. Have fun embellishing the tag as well, or add photos.
7. Slip into the pocket.
8. Enjoy!

I'm off to make more of these kinds of cards, because next week is teacher's appreciation week. And my son decided that he would like to give not just his teachers cards, but also the office staff, the school chaplain ... and the list goes on. 

So I will make these cards, which are little "folders" and my kids can create little pictures, poems or whatever else on small pieces of paper that can be tucked into the cards. 

Can't wait for my kids to come home :)

If you are a teacher, Happy Teacher's Week!