Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crocheted flowers

How would you like a bouquet of crocheted and stitched flowers?

I actually whipped up twice the amount of those flowers.
But when my daughter performed in a summer production of Annie Jr recently,
I created 2 little bouquets to give to her and her very good friend.

(Lucky girl also got a candy bouquet from her friend.)

The flowers were a perfect project in the summer -
when most of my attention goes to the little ones.
Each flower is quick to make.
Every time I finished one, I felt like I accompished something :)

I followed this book for the crocheted flowers.

Love it!

Here are a few close-ups.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer filled journals

Our summer holiday was busy!
fun. filled with adventures. full of travel, activities and experiences. 

Kissing a dolphin in Hawaii :)

That's me. Parasailing!

Playing Tessie in Annie Jr.

Having a picnic in Napa.

Walking around Ketchikan.

Time flew!
With the little quiet, creative time I have had, I have been journalling.
I have started quite a collection :)

Here are a few quick peeks.

The Alaska travel journal.
I'm still working on it ... turns out, I don't really like printing out photos.
I wish I had the Instax or the new digital polaroid ;)

The Hawaii travel journal.
 We squeezed in a last minute vacation just before school started :)
I didn't have time to create my own journal so I bought one.
This one is by Amy Tangerine. *love her*

The lost and found journal
This altered book was made at Spark 3. 
Taught by the lovely Jen Jensen. (I wish she had a blog)
I never knew what to do with it though. I don't like making things with no purpose.
Now it is the most practical book I have.
It houses all my leftover photos, found kids drawings & poems,
experimental crafts (the flat kind), and such
that I can't bear to throw away, but also have no real home in my overflowing study.

The experimental art journal
This journal actually overlaps in purpose with another couple of journals I currently work on.
However, when we visited the super luxurious mattress shop and received this brochure,
I couldn't help putting it to good use. 
With such beautiful, thick pages and messages of 
"handmade" and "relaxation" on every other page,
I had a hard time throwing it away. 
I tried! A couple of times! 

Now it's time to fill them all up :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Postcard swap

Yes, I am.
Well, yes, I was.
(the deadline was last Monday :)

The theme was Discover.

My kids and I had a lot of ideas.
I'm into wings lately and when I unearthed some 
creamy, ruffly ribbon in my art closet,
I knew it was perfect for making wings.

This is what I sent away to England ...

I hope my recipient likes it :)