Monday, October 15, 2012

Permission to Play

Just recently got back from Solvang.

It was awesome!
I had been there a couple of times before.
As a tourist.
You know, trying to walk all of the streets, 
see all the sights and visit all the shops.
This time around I was in class in a basement most of the time,
walking only to get lunch,
or meet my family for dinner.
The pace was much slower.
I saw less, but enjoyed each and every sight so much.

I came here to attend Jennifer Mercede's and Pam Garrison's class:
Permission to Play

It was held at the Art Clinic,
which is run by the funnest and loveliest 2 ladies in town.

What can I say?
I highly recommend it!
(The class and the art clinic!)

This class had a wonderful energy
from the teachers and the fellow students
that I can't quite explain.
But, let's just say, that to me
this energy was very special
and, even now, is still with me.
It makes painting,
or even just creating in general,
a bit of a different, more enlightened experience now.

So what did I do in this class?
We started on creating our own journal.

Here is my cover.
(I still need to bind the pages to it.)

What I learned from Pam is
that journal pages don't always have to be so neat and purposeful.
Or just be of one thread.
It's organic.
Whatever you feel in the moment.

Here is an experimental page of 
trying various colors,
mixing colors,
and stenciling.
The postcard is a present
we received from Pam.
It serendipitiously matches my left page :)
Oh, and I ought to mention that
this page will forever be special to me,
because Jennifer Mercede doodled on it, too!

We practiced creating various type fonts.
Mine looked a bit plain,
so I colored them in.

Here is a bit more doodling and stenciling.
Love that chevron stencil
I borrowed from Pam!

Last but not least,
here is a page filled with 
Carol Kemp's inspiring hand carved stamps.
(She is one of the ladies running the Art Clinic)

We also painted a lot.
What I learned from Jennifer is
not to be attached to the painting too early.
It's a lesson I received through Flora Bowley's e-course, too.
I thought I learned it.
But I guess, when I'm taking an e-course
I like to sort of modify it to my liking.
When Flora said:
"Keep on layering.
Don't be attached to a certain area in your painting."
I thought:
Uhm, okay. 
But let me just keep this little doodle,
and that little shape,
and ...  (well, you get the idea).

In this live class,
when Jennifer said:
"Cover 85% of your painting."
She means it.
When I thought I was doing it,
she handed me a bigger brush
and house paint.
I mean, seriously?
Yes, seriously.
I did it.

Here is my big painting - before the big cover-up.
Photographed by a fellow student. Thank you Bambi!
I was so in the process, I didn't think of taking before and after photos.

Here is my painting - after covering it "85%".
(Still in progress.)

This lesson was very interesting.
Before I covered it up,
I liked many different areas of my painting,
but I wasn't sure how to unify all those lovely areas.
Once I covered it up a bit a lot of it,
suddenly there it was.
My whole painting started moving in one direction.
But, amazing!

I have about 10 unfinished paintings.
I think I'm going to paint over them all :)

Thank you Pam and Jennifer and the Art Clinic!


jmercede said...

I love that you are going to paint over old unfinished paintings! Yay! Awesome recap of your experience of the class... thanks for sharing! XO

Art Clinic said...

So great to see your fun blog! You make us look so good here at the Art Clinic. Thanks. I am so glad to hear you are getting back to creating ...instead of your hobby of cleaning the house...ha..

Cynthia Rahardja Clancy said...

Hi Jennifer and Art Clinic! Thank you for stopping by and saying hello. Thanks to you, I'm in the swing of "creating". It feels like everything needs to be painted now. I'm even painting my Dad's birthday card :)