Sunday, December 9, 2012

Painting with an iphone

It's funny how I use the iphone for everything 
but the phone functionality. 
I love taking photos using instagram 
and editing regular photos with photo toaster 
and reading news and blogs on flipboard.

Recently I have discovered sketching apps. 
I must say I prefer the ipad for drawing, 
because I believe real estate is important 
when trying to be creative. 
However, between my hubby and my son and my daughter, 
I often don't even bother trying to get my hands on it.

So yesterday I gave the brushes app a try on my iphone. 

I love how after experimenting with various brushes
and brush settings,
the brush strokes seem to mimic
the feel of pastels and paints.

Nothing beats real art supplies.
But if you are caught waiting for something
without a project or book in hand,
you've got to love the iphone! :)

I now yearn for a stylus. 
Good thing Christmas is coming soon ;)

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