Monday, January 28, 2013

*love* typo

Here is a little *love* from my recent australian trip.

My hubby truly knows me.
Although he often complains about the state of my study,
he indulges me with my nonsensical obsessions.
On our last roadtrip,
while we were resting in a coffee shop in a mall,
he took a trip to the bathroom.
When he came back,
he told me that I would love this mall
and he pointed me towards 2 shops:
Typo and Smiggles.

Smiggles was fun and bright
and full of kids who were preparing for their new school year. 
There I purchased amazingly smooth gel pens.

Typo had more of a grungy look.
Funny how it was visited by young women and men alike.
I loved the fun variety of journals, paper, washi tape, stickers, etc.

Here is my little loot.

It helped that there was a huge sale :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My word of the year

Last year my phrase of the year was
"Just do it".

It suits me.
Because I'm great analyzer.
I analyze everything to death,
especially when it comes to my creativity.
It's been great to tell myself
to just go with the flow.
Just do it.
Doesn't matter how it will turn up.
It's not going to hurt anyone.

And with that mindset,
I have tried so many new painting mediums;
I went to my first Painting class
with people I have admired for so long;
I've started to learn to paint digitally;
I stitched; I knitted;
I sewed ...
all things that make my heart sing.

This year my mantra will be

[The doodles on the sides are not mine.
This year, instead of buying an agenda,
I bought a notebook by Jill Bliss from Chronicle Books
to organize myself.
The pages have beautiful drawings of succulents by Jill.]

As it turns out,
Just doing it doesn't help me get to my end goals,
since I have too many ideas
and urges to experiment with different things,
I start a million things
and don't get anywhere.

Although I greatly believe in dreaming big,
this year my goals will be smaller.
I'm going back to reality a little more.

So here is to 2013!
I hope yours has been great so far.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy New Year!

Ah, home sweet home!
I'm back from a wonderful 3 week trip.
We visited family in Sydney

and drove up the coast to visit more family,

it seems, plenty of animals!

On the way back we stopped in Honolulu for a few days
for a little vacation from a vacation :)

I created a beautiful travel journal
and I brought my Instax with me
to record every little detail.
However, I was horrified to learn that upon arrival
in Sydney, my Instax refused to work.
What a dissapointment!

Needless to say,
My journal is empty.
I tried to doodle and write a bit.
But without photos
I felt a bit uninspired.

Instead, I painted a little with my ipad mini -
which I have lovingly named Moonpad
on one of our long drives along the australian coast.
I know it's corny.
My kids were entertained by it though,
which at the time was all that mattered :)

So much more to show.
But laundry is waiting.
Til next time.
Over and out.