Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy New Year!

Ah, home sweet home!
I'm back from a wonderful 3 week trip.
We visited family in Sydney

and drove up the coast to visit more family,

it seems, plenty of animals!

On the way back we stopped in Honolulu for a few days
for a little vacation from a vacation :)

I created a beautiful travel journal
and I brought my Instax with me
to record every little detail.
However, I was horrified to learn that upon arrival
in Sydney, my Instax refused to work.
What a dissapointment!

Needless to say,
My journal is empty.
I tried to doodle and write a bit.
But without photos
I felt a bit uninspired.

Instead, I painted a little with my ipad mini -
which I have lovingly named Moonpad
on one of our long drives along the australian coast.
I know it's corny.
My kids were entertained by it though,
which at the time was all that mattered :)

So much more to show.
But laundry is waiting.
Til next time.
Over and out.

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