Monday, January 28, 2013

*love* typo

Here is a little *love* from my recent australian trip.

My hubby truly knows me.
Although he often complains about the state of my study,
he indulges me with my nonsensical obsessions.
On our last roadtrip,
while we were resting in a coffee shop in a mall,
he took a trip to the bathroom.
When he came back,
he told me that I would love this mall
and he pointed me towards 2 shops:
Typo and Smiggles.

Smiggles was fun and bright
and full of kids who were preparing for their new school year. 
There I purchased amazingly smooth gel pens.

Typo had more of a grungy look.
Funny how it was visited by young women and men alike.
I loved the fun variety of journals, paper, washi tape, stickers, etc.

Here is my little loot.

It helped that there was a huge sale :)

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