Saturday, February 2, 2013

Playing with water soluble wax pastels

Last night I finally made time to play with wax pastels.

Can I say I am totally in love?
It's so smooth!
I used a lot of water,
so it ended up like a watercolor background.

I have 2 different brands:
Neocolor II and Reeves..
When drawing on dry paper they have the same feel - smooth and creamy.
But once I added water,
Neocolor II spread easier and it was more pigmented.
So I have to say I love Neocolor II by a long mile.

Here is my journal entry,
after a bit of doodling,
coloring (with wax pastels)
collaging (with flowers from an old Free People catalog),
and detailing (with gel pens).

Loved it so much,
another wax pastel drawing is on the way.


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