Monday, February 4, 2013

While I wait.

I think I have mentioned this before:
I wait a lot.
5 minutes here. 15 minutes there.
Sometimes half an hour here and there.

I have to say it never bothered me much.
I seem to be able to fill time easily.
Crocheting, knitting, stitching, writing, doodling ...

As with anything, I go through phases.
Sometimes I'll doodle 5 pages per day.
And sometimes there'll be a month of nothing.

I'm on an up turn now.
I can't stop.
This time it is unintended really.
I purchased my pretty notebook
to keep my (and my family's) schedule straight
and to make lists.
I'm a procrastinator.
And I'm aiming to be a better project manager!

However, instead of making lists and checking them twice,
I have been doodling.

It's often my usual style ...
Circles, flowers, scallops ...
(On the right you can see my daughter's list of favorite flowers.
She loves to make entries in my journal, instead of hers :)

Very often as I dare to be different
my doodles end up uninspired.

Sometimes they end up being practice pages.
I often have this urge to draw girls.
I could draw hundreds of them ...
even though they are all starting to look similar.

Then there are times I force myself to learn something new.
On this page the idea was to draw the sky.
Usual things came to me:
birds, clouds, rainbows ...
To challenge myself I learned to draw a flying ship.

On rare occasions I have doodled so much
that new doodles come out all on their own.
I love them so much that they will become 
the things that I will doodle a hundred times more in the future.
Last week I learned I love skinny towers.
I have no idea.
But I took great pleasure in drawing them.

Maybe it's true.
If you keep mining (or practicing),
eventually you'll find a diamond in the rough :)

Happy practicing!

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