Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Learning to make patterns

I love photoshop.
Mainly for editing photographs,
but I have always wanted to learn more of the graphic design of things.

I admire the works of Jessica Rose and Rhonna Farrer.
And I constantly fill up my shopping cart with digital goodies at Two Peas
(even though I most often don't end up buying because truly, I have other expenses ;o)

I admit there are things that I'll never be able to make for myself,
like those beautiful hot air balloons by Rhonna.
However, I have decided that surely I must be able to
create a few basic things for myself!

Last night I started playing a bit.
I started simply.
First I created a chevron pattern.

and continued with variations of colors.

Truly fun.

Then I played with triangles,

and started coloring here and there.

It's addictive.

The last shapes I played with were arrows.
These are standard arrows that come with photoshop.

I played with colors here, too.

I really liked the last variation.
So I decided to play with texture,

and a photo.

I wanted to add embellishments and words,
and I wanted to make a pattern that contains hand drawn images,
but I ran out of time.

Until next time :o)

Friday, March 22, 2013

On wood ...

I promised my son's class to finish painting the toy trunk
that they will donating to their school's auction.

Instead, with every bit of paint left over,
I have been spending more time painting on little wood pieces.

Oops, it's almost time for pick-up,
and there goes the day.

Well, tomorrow is another day, right? :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

On canvas

I really shouldn't be painting.
I have to do taxes,
and dishes,
and laundry,
and getting the guest room ready for my parents.

But while I was cleaning the guest room,
I found my alcohol inks
and various other painting stuff 
that I hadn't played with for a long time.
So I played.

This is a canvas that's been around for at least a year.
It has about 20 layers on it.
I never liked it ...
until today.
I think there's something promising in there.

For now though, back to cleaning.