Saturday, April 27, 2013

Once upon a time ...

there was a painting that had 20 layers of ugly on it.
It started out as a hopeful "Flora Bowley" wannabe.
But after a few layers, it was just a hot mess!

So each time I wanted to experiment with something,
I took this canvas out ...
it was sort of my scrap-canvas.

Then one day I wanted to play with some mist.
Since the nozzle was plugged,
I unscrewed the top and 
used the plastic tube to paint.

It was instant love.

I then painted more with acrylics to define the flowers.
I'm not sure I should have done that ..
but I'm calling it done.

All in all, I love it :o)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Have you been to...

French General?

Ever since I stumbled upon its online shop,
I have wanted to visit the real shop.
With its restricted hours in previous years,
it's been hard to make it happen.
But now it is open most days,
and on our recent trip to Disneyland,
I told my hubby that I must stop by on our way home.

The shop is gorgeous, of course!
I wish I made time for photos.
However, I promised my family
I'd be out in 10 minutes!
So no dilly-dallying!

Of course, my Mom and I took longer than 10 minutes ...
We amassed quite a treasure ....

I bought two of the bracelet kits, too.
I'm giddy with excitement!