Saturday, April 27, 2013

Once upon a time ...

there was a painting that had 20 layers of ugly on it.
It started out as a hopeful "Flora Bowley" wannabe.
But after a few layers, it was just a hot mess!

So each time I wanted to experiment with something,
I took this canvas out ...
it was sort of my scrap-canvas.

Then one day I wanted to play with some mist.
Since the nozzle was plugged,
I unscrewed the top and 
used the plastic tube to paint.

It was instant love.

I then painted more with acrylics to define the flowers.
I'm not sure I should have done that ..
but I'm calling it done.

All in all, I love it :o)

1 comment:

Carmen said...

I love these as well. Great colours and textures, really nice energy to them.