Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Life oh life!

Life in my corner of the world 
has been and continues to be very exciting.
My parents and brother came for a visit 
for a month!
And now ...
we are buying a house!

I can't really say if the latter is a relief,
because we have been looking for years
(so to speak),
or if it was a spur of the moment 
let's-buy-a-house-with-a-yard kind of thing.
To be honest it's sort of both.

I'm truly grateful to all that is happening.
At the same time I have been restless and a little down
because all the hustle and bustle 
doesn't leave me with any creative time.

I wish I was like those bloggers I admire,
who can document their lives 
in paintings 
and beautiful photos
and amazing stories.

How do people do it?

I don't know.

These days all I do is pack, pack, pack,
and move stuff to the storage,
so we can put our condo on the market.

I have been finding lots of unfinished projects,
which I sadly stuff into boxes.

I can't wait to unpack them all,
and work on them.
Because after all, we are moving to a house (!)
and there is room for a beautiful studio :-)
Well, I want a studio; 
my husband wants space for a pool table.
We'll see who wins. hah!

Oh, right after my family left
and just before we bid on our dream house,
I did manage to finish one little project:
my knitted cable bracelet.
It was inspired by this pin.

I love it.
I killed 2 birds with this one project:
I learned how to knit a cable
and I finally made spending time on pinterest worth it.
I should put more of those pins into good use!

Ciao for now.
I must return to packing.

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