Friday, August 23, 2013


For me, this summer has been all about buying a house 
and moving 
and preparing to homeschool my oldest. 
I don't know how 10 weeks have passed just doing that. 
It has left me with no creative energy. 
So when Courtney Khail offered an introductory watercolor class
I took the opportunity to spark my creative life.

When I was younger, watercolor was always a challenging medium for me. 
I felt it was messy and impossible to control. 
But I love the look of sweet watercolor illustrations 
and the way the colors seem to run and mix so beautifully together. 
So I took the challenge. 

This mini e-course was a great introduction. 
I highly recommend it, if you are new to it. 
Although it was short, I learned so much from it. 
Most importantly, I learned to not to be afraid to use lots of water 
and let the colors run along -
which is absolutely against my "watercolor instict".
Remember ... I'm afraid of messy.
Hah! I know, I'm weird.

What made me taking this class even more special 
was that it was perfect timing! 
It coincided with my kids' art camp, 
where they painted with watercolors. 
How cool it was to be able to show our works to each other at the end of the week!

This is one of my 6 year old's paintings.

And this is one of my 8 year old's paintings.

I think they are better than me :)
And to think that I was absolutely terrible with this medium at their age.
I am super proud of them.

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