Saturday, March 1, 2014

Thanks to my kid's imagination

The other day, 
I was chugging along on an abstract painting.
I really like abstract paintings.
There is no pressure
for it to look like anything,
no right or wrong.
And towards the end,
you can look at it 
and let your imagination run wild.

I imagined that the light blue was the ocean
and so I drew a sailboat.
I imagined the blue peaks were mountains,
so to emphasize nature, I drew some trees in the back.
Then my 8 year old came along and casually said: Oh nice buildings!

What? Where?
I explained to her that they were mountains
and she craned her neck as if to figure out 
from what angle I was seeing the mountains.
She left without argument.
But for some reason, by now all I could think was 'buildings' ...
I started drawing in windows.
And oila!

I couldn't imagine it any other way.
They were meant to be buildings.

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