Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The ups and downs of a journal page

My art journal pages may not look pretty to everyone,
but I usually work them until I am happy with them.
Unfortunately, sometimes I get stuck ...
and I am unable to continue or change my work 
into something that makes sense to me.
I find it ironic that something that can neither be right or wrong
can make me feel so unsettled.

There has been a page recently that made me unreasonably uncomfortable.
It had an element that I loved.

But as a whole I hated it.

I couldn't leave it alone though.

A few days later I transferred a beautiful image of a young woman onto it.
I had an inkling that it may not work,
because my background was too dark.
Should have listened to my intuition;
the transfer didn't show at all,
except for a part of the girl's face.
(I challenge you to find it :)

Halfway through transferring I got frustrated,
and because the image on the back of the transfer page looked pretty,
I stopped the transfer process,
cut my losses 
and kept the picture of the pretty bowls 
before everything was lost.

What do you do though with a picture of bowls? 
Flowers came to mind. 
I started liking the journal page again.

But what to do with that face?
I tried to resurrect it - unsuccessfully.
I loved the reddish blob, that looked like a flower in her hair.
So I drew another face,
just so the flower could decorate something pretty :)
I really like my drawn face, 
but she doesn't belong there, 
sticking out of those flowers she looks odd.

I am stuck again :(
My brain tells me that this is just an exercise.
It's okay to move on.
Still, my heart mourns for the girl on my journal page,
being in such an odd position.

I am weird, I know. 

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