Saturday, September 13, 2014

My brain is full (but happy) ...

To see my kitchen is to see my brain.

A total mess.

We are entering our 5th month of home renovation. 
And although I LOVE living in our small pool house, 
I am ready for more counter space, cabinets, and big closets :) 

I have started the second year of homeschooling my girly girl. 
Sometimes I toy with the idea of sending her back to regular school.
Maybe next semester ...
or next year? *lol*
But truthfully I have also had many moments 
where I thought: I love this! 
We should homeschool at least until middle school.
Life is never certain in this household.
In the meantime,
my brain is always fully active preparing for the next lesson.
I have learned so much in the past 4 weeks!!

In between moments,
while the washer is running,
my girl is working out her math problems,
my boy is in school,
and the contractor doesn't need reminders,
I try to be creative.
It's not easy.
Well, I guess it's never easy.
But I am trying :)

Can't say I have produced a lot of pretty paintings or journal entries.
But there are always pretty pieces!

I know I need to start editing my photos more.
I need more of those in between moments :)

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